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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 18, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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over here. it is 600 mi. north that he needs to go to meet up with intel leaders. he is trying to push pro-business campaign with high-tech leaders and that will happen about one hour and half from now. he is expected to take off called ours. this is the distance you're looking at. the motorcade will be the year leading from this area just a short distance away from airforce one which is sitting there at the sfo. >>darya: he does not too far to go. this is the closest that you can get. you want to get a glimpse as a possible? >> reporter: know. they blocked off the road. it is not clear which direction they will head. straight on? there keep it secret. is a sense of security for that reason. if you try to catch a glimpse of how he will deceit limousines. he might be on the wrong side of the building. >>darya: think he paid to do that on purpose for safety.
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the key so much great. prison but, is expected today with the advisory council on jobs and competitiveness. he is criticized art much uncertainty has been a credit for businesses. and consumer cons didn't. the presidential council is trying to bring jobs to the u.s.. them and th >>james: bay bridge. no major rainfall right now. look at san jose. cold weather right now. snowfall
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in to concord. >>louisa: this is showing as the snow ball up into the diablo range piquancy in santa clara valley through lexington that we are starting to see heavier rain with showers making its way into the weekend. notice all the heavier rain coming of lexington hills as we live in and out of the pacific the moisture is continuing to pump its way. we are going to see a chance of showers push its way back into the peninsula. scattered showers are we will see for most of the day. on and off. it your best chance of staying dry it into the north bay. as we head into the evening hours and by 4:00 it looks like we
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could see some moderate downpour's around concord. for the most part is going to be lighter rain that we have dealt with over the past couple of days. backing off as we head into the evening. this morning, is cold. check out now. the lush napa, 35 degrees. 34 decrease infant care field. degrees = their appeal. cool afternoon.= fairfield. we are tg about a 20 percent chance of rain next week. george? >>george: we're box chain and accident your beer or to call a hot spot. even though it is not bad as it might be. is about the only slow traffic we have this morning. there was an accident that the
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expressway. it does appear on the 101. it happened around corner at around degrees. the crushes moved over to the shoulder. did for a while back up over here but as you can see it has cleared out. there is the traffic there. on this trap that one-on-one. is the only slow traffic this morning. it does look like me. from here we will take you to interstate 84 the ride on the 80 west bound. look how life is here. this is unusual to see so few cars were running at the albany as groups. it is heading towards the golden gate fields. this is one of the reasons that the bay bridge is so light. no backup for delay at the toll plaza. remember, monday is a holiday so we could be seen holiday light traffic here. people may be taking at extended weekend. guys? mark >> taking a look at the san knows it. will tran has the
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coverage. bill them at do you hear that >>will: to hear that? that is the rain affecting the commute. it is affecting the said bill. you can see the rain coming down. peddling is taking place. look at this! about one is joining in on the party. for now, things are wet. will this continue to pick up? if it does it will turn to wet and soggy. if it does it will not take too long. reporting from san jose and will tran for kron4 news. >>james: with an update from it will surely will be coming back but first a live look at clouds and fog will begin to san francisco.
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the month to ian out, what is going on in this herea chainn effect in this year. we have snow up there. it is ranging up to 3,000 ft. and it should still dropped yet. winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 a.m.. chain requirements as they stand right now is interstate 80 across gold mine and highway 50. you need for change for highway 88. there is a section of the beach that is close out between silver wide and kirkwood. this is the
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situation with the chains. in the mountains the forecast looks good. we are looking at 1 ft. and a half to fall today. at about 4-6 in. tomorrow and it should taper off for sunday. monday, president stay should be relatively cold and high into the overnight hours. we will keep you updated as they change. >> thank you, we are following the dropped where thousands had gathered to celebrate the victory. they are calling today " friday of victory and continuation and a reminder to the military that we are waiting for democracy it " they are marching into keep the protest alive. they're
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playing music. selling souvenirs. they're waiting for the purse to begin. the situation does begin to remain unsettled. the implemented promised reforms have not yet started. >>darya: the egyptians are marking one week since they got their president to leave the office of the yemenis are still working on their anti-government. why it's flared. -- or riots flared. police shot one demonstrator. >> a protest is beginning that has been going on for days. three men killed after security forces attacked demonstrators during an early-morning raid. two others died in battles
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against protesters. there's a crack down it for it the envy it changes crossing of the wires right now. tear gas has been fired at the protesters. >>darya: 7:13 a.m. is the time i will be back with more and couple of minutes. the big story remains the weather. we have the big storm yesterday. we are getting a break from the rain at the golden gate bridge. as you can see, steady rain all morning long. in todd steadies' know. we will be right back. (music)
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then at keeping our eyes on the weather. we had a beautiful full moon earlier this morning. fog is moving in. chile embarcadero. >> it is not only at the fog. icicles are cutting into your face as the morning goes a long. getting up this morning you need to
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put it on works. the coach, at the hat, this card. it is really cool. i was out here earlier and there was no wind. it was cold but no big deal. as soon as the wind picked up that is when it started to be unbearable. >> into the '40's in san francisco. leas is watching the freezing points. >>louisa: try up into the north bay. picking up some sprinkles into the south bay. snow fall into the diablo range. starting to see some downpours in to campbell. west of 101 we are
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widening out and showing some showers into the coast this morning. what we are continuing with is a pattern of showers that are continuing to push back into the peninsula. could pick up of around the 4:00 hour. scattered showers, you should expect it. a few left over rain drops into the evening. here is the cold temperatures market was talking about. 36 degrees in san our file. temperatures into the upper 30s. fairfield, concord. same in san francisco. afternoon highs are bringing you up into the fifties. you could hold onto some forties. a little bit chillier in half moon bay. in two months and that is 51 and set as a.
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starting to notice the fog thickened and after a near the golden gate bridge. less than a quarter mile visibility. through the dull thud, over to concord about 1 mi. visibility. we have all of that temperature for the bay. showers coming up and a better chance to stay dry on sunday. slight chance of showers into the next workweek. george? >>george: phew hot spots. it is clear up quickly. we're back to of bridget check. 80 west bound, we turn lights have not been activated this morning. if this is in fact holiday light traffic and you are thinking about your drive home you might expect things to be heavier, earlier than usual. san
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mateo bridge ride is the problem free ride this morning. golden gate bridge is the end of the d.c. chapter marin county. checking the roadways sensors not even much in the way of traffic. south of the bottom leading into several file. the lush san rafael. much lighter than usual traffic today. area? >>darya: we're checking the the board. what is wall street doing? that is up 13 points. >> the mayor and dressed in his state of the city address last night. the budget gap is going to take more than a 10 percent cut in wages and benefits that
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city workers agreed to last year. the mayor is argent those city workers to make the cuts it permanent. he also thinks that retirement costs need to be brought under control. libraries and community centers need to stay open. from the big apple an extension of bay he never city is hoping to create an engineering campus in york city. they do not have a graduate school. they have fallen down the ability to attract more popular companies for their students because of this. >>darya: @ developing story we are falling at of wisconsin with the state said it plans on getting people to debate and controversy all anti-union measure. backers say is intended to ease of budget crunch. it when and how the
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century of collective bargaining and some are very upset. the dispute has drawn tens of thousands of protesters to madison for the last three days who do not want unions to disappear. this is a major or fight continuing into wisconsin. >> we will be right back as kron4 news continues into the lebanon. we're waiting for it slopes to open. there are a chain requirements, as you can imagine, there have been it much snow has fallen last couple of days
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the mobile come back to the
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president day weekend. huge scattered showers around for the day. nothing is as bad as it has been. we're action looking at a dry up for sunday. >>darya: shooting suspect jared loughner aihas had media opposed the ability to passover photoshop. the victim is being transported in this photo. six people had been killed in his tree out. more than a dozen had been wounded including gabrielle efforts. federal judges and have accused themselves and all of the other judges from the hearing to the judge that
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had been killed in the attack. it often will not be in that hearing. the amount one of the stories we're following is airforce one departing with the bay area.
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they're not welcome back. we are awaiting president back up, as it visit. craig is at the location where he stayed last night. >> reporter: yes a mile or two from airforce one. things are getting active now that we see police cars, a here, are coming in recently. they look like as court police cars. getting ready and the next hour or so to take the president
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over to air force one and s f out. it will be of motorcade: an exit or so. silicone forest meeting with the leader of intel. the police cars are expected to be part of the escort. and p >> okay terry has more. >>darya: yes, we have more at jackie sissel. >> reporter: good morning! we have the view of the most famous airplane in the world. we are awaiting a president barack obama on arrival. we are expecting him to take off of route 830
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or so. we believe him of the fln. you can see secret service all wrong. security guards are at here. this is impressive. i have done 5-10 president of arrival/departure is. every time you get as stated airforce what is impressive. >>darya: if yes and they stop all of the aerospace until he is on his way. it >> reporter: as plain start leaving and taking off. you can see the planes getting ready to taxi off and take off out here. as soon as the caravan arrives on site everything comes to a screeching halt.
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>>darya: ok, we will see it leave the hotel and and we are over to you. thank-you so much. mark? >> let us see what is in store it with our brother. >>louisa: showers are creeping their way in. palo alto and to send us a. we are looking at a few leftover bread and drops. -- wayne it drops.rain drops. looke moister pumping its way enter this debate. it is backing and into the east wait. your future cast shows showers edging in through the day and buy it 2:00 hour it is the same story. by 4:00 you will see
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the moderate to downfall. into the evening hours it will continue with what to whether. here is your current temperatures. it is chilly up there. 32 degrees in napa. a couple degrees warmer inset rosa. upper 30s in through fairfield and set them into the mid-40s this morning. your afternoon highs will sickle. some spots making its way out of the 40's. temperatures way along san francisco and along the coast we will keep the temperatures as well. along with that we have looked over rain into the north. it is making its way into fog. dense fog as you head into the 1 01. novado, santa rosa, fairfield. seven day around
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the bay shows as slight chance. >>george: looking for a troubled with traffic and i am having a hard time finding it. that is good news for you. interstate 80 into the freeway has a much better commute today than it does yesterday. no way did by a series. here at the bay bridge to me during lights had not yet been activated and it is of like tandy's the west bound ride. san mateo. but both directions cluttered than usual volumes. problem freight and from marin county. only two lanes available northbound. they are able to handle the traffic. the best news is it is it right back. try roadway for your ride it to and through marin county.
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>> reporter: and wet morning commute to as rain falls down. those cars you see behind me. they're going northbound, good news. it is not when the at this time. not very cold. we saw rain coming down and, lest in just a few seconds. so far this morning is a light rainfall and you will get west if you stay out. if you have to move out it's not be too bad. it >>darya: we had rain, they get so. checketts, valley. holiday weekend. a lot of people have president weekend off. >> reporter: classic winter
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driving conditions. chain controls off and on. this is at a checkpoint and myers. before the climb up eastbound drivers will find it as similar checkpoint where this be is 25 mi. per hour. the plows are running 247. 2 wheel drive it will need to change up and all wheel drive are good to go. no audio highway 50 looking good. >>darya: is not just this year that got snow. this is the end of napa. you can see all of this snow that fell
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yesterday making their roads difficult. it is indicated of how big this storm is and hauled load the storm level is. >> other stories that you're watching, and narcotics agent will be arraigned today for selling drugs. mr. welch was arrested on wednesday of four felonies of the selling steroids, methamphetamine, and marijuana. he was an investigator and is accused of conspiring with another man to sell narcotics. there is no indication that any other law enforcement agents were involved. >>darya: cost associated with the gas brno explosion are twice as much as once thought. pg and the art announcing that indirect costs have rise to 200-$300 million. it is off the
7:37 am
initial estimate of $150 million. dozens of people were affected directly. we will be right back and a couple of minutes. to keep the company we are waiting for the president. we're sure he is awake. he is in the bay area and he is headed to airforce want to check it out in the hour. we are live here at the sfo on the tarmac waiting for him to depart. will be right back.
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a will >> the timeout is 741 i am. a live look into this year. traffic is slow. this still is getting higher and higher. winter storm warning in effect. it is going into for a am. a look at the totals here. new snow coming. kirkwood getting seven and half feet of snow. while. a couple inches
7:41 am
above a six beat in sugar bowl. heavenly is 63 in.. if you're just there last weekend they are getting a whole bunch of new snow here just in time for skiing in the weekend. people are driving it gingerly because conditions are bad. take a look at your storm track for 4. you can see where snow is falling down. about 3000 be as you are driving on interstate 680. chain requirements are in effect for about every card rate headed that way. interstate with snow chains required. gold run tuesday line. highway 50 and highway 88 to you need your chains and from pine grow all the way up to wood furnace. there is a section that shut down altogether. you do need your chance and we will let you know us is to find out when
7:42 am
they may be a reopening. back to terry? >>darya: dow was up 20 points be will be right back. .
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>> welcome back to kron4 news. shot at your reader. continuing to show us all lot of the activity stay in the south bay. picking out some heavy rain great american parkway and to the boulevard as well. snow falling into it the no. range. off the coast is continuing to beat moister filing and to this said they. feature cast is shying the pattern of the showers and to the peninsula and for
7:46 am
the east bay by the 11:00 hour. looks like some showers could pick up. starting at a good portion of the day. moderate downpour. for the most far its scattered lighter rain. at the end of friday you might see some left over droplets. your temperatures are actually on the call said. especially here in to north bay. 32 this morning 34 degrees in san a file. down into redwood city and to the upper '30's. mid-40s for this update. i definitely bring the updates into nevada. 52 in san francisco. keep the temperature into the upper 40's and low 50s that led to the set is well. for the aged and 46 degrees in into up. waking up this morning to some thought? leftover moisture is making your drive down the letter was made to north bay of little
7:47 am
a difficult period and disability is off. pockets of fog as he had to the golden gate bridge. it here is your seven day around the bay. slight chance of rain. we have a look at for ski report. people heading up for a long weekend. 129-to -26 in. grade the snow from 34 in.. also, at base of zero hundred and 14 in. and north star has news than 37 in.. (music) >>george: what a great day to drive into the city. some of the lightest traffic he will see almost, like the sunday morning. forget hot
7:48 am
spots. we do not even have been a slow spots. take a look at the bay bridge. later in life for activated and they have not had any impact. no wind advisories in effect this morning. your ride to the san mateo bridge is equally good. no problems in '92. light traffic through hayward into the 80 about directions. into the 101 ride is is problem free with no slowing. rest of the ride into drake boulevard toward skipper on with slowing into the right lane. backups in to the offer of it. i believe that next you will have the right at the interstate 880 through albany as we pick up one of the best east short rides of the week. yesterday, this was a hot spot. this is not as low spot this morning.
7:49 am
you will enjoy an easy ride with a 12 minute drive times from hercules down to berkeley. mark? >> at father behind bars facing murder charges. he read it brutally beat his two month old baby. he confessed to paying a cent to make them stop crying. the sun was taken off life- support and declared brain- dead for being treated with multiple fractured bones. they're seeking murder charges after the boy is officially claimed dead. new details in the sexual accusations and the middle school where to grade two students were caught in sexual acts. this happened at >> marty: school. of >>darya: the gay community
7:50 am
has now used facebook to help establish relationships worry cannot choose in as doubl breakingnews@kron4.cas civil ui. if you eat for you can do about 30 minutes of credit to work them off. for thin mints! other cookies double calories and up to do it the same exercise to burn off one cookie. how many did we share? >> i pawnshop a whole box last night (laughter) they were good. i live look
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inside. fog hang around.
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emma welcome the back. bay area does not have the shortage of bad drivers. on leaving badly. stanley roberts will show you out. centr >> and whoevewatch this, apart s in front of a patrol car to make a left turn. the chp is on the lookout for bad drivers. they are plentiful. i am at the scene of an accident with the driver of this jeep pot over signed and landed in bushes. she
7:55 am
admitted to chp it she had it 3 koses of wine and some prescription drugs. she was booked for a thank you, and given at a drug test. because of the heavy rain on the 1 01 drivers were spinning out. this driver was going too fast and had a panel of water. it caused him to hit the center divider. this driver was flying over the speed limit in the raid. in dry conditions in this 55. >> take this exit. >> the driver admitted how fast he was taking. he said it was a new car and he was getting used to it he was let off. finally, at this driver was stopped because in the back seat was a four year-old without a seat belt or a car seat. in an accident this could be
7:56 am
seriously injured. it is not uncommon for drivers and the rain to past chp cars that are marked " over the speed limit. i am stanley roberts for kron4 news. >>darya: is 7:57 a.m.. we will be back in a few minutes. we will see some movement with the president as he goes to the sfo. heat stayed in the area after talks with tech leaders. we are waiting and half an hour we should see him arrive. he will jump on airforce wind and head out. we are monitoring at live. we will be right back. (music)
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a >> mark: a.m., in about 30
7:59 am
minutes president barack obama will be leaving as quickly as he arrived. --8:00 a.m.--thousands of people marking one week since president mubarak left office. tensions high in wisconsin right now, time is ticking. protesters in the state capital as the government shut down right now. democrats have left. the governor sending troops for the democratic leader. we will tell you what's happening coming up. >> darya: are big story is the weather as we head into the long weekend. we are still not a out of the woods yet. we don't have any showers in the shot. we have been watching it in san jose though. >> louisa: the showers are in the south of the bay right now
8:00 am
but they are creeping in. we expect scattered showers later today. those ominous clouds will produce raindrops and the next few hours. right now all of the activity well to the south. showers through fremont, palo alto, morgan hill as well. snow fall continues in lexington hills, and said clara county. heavy rain along 880, 680 through fremont. all of this moisture continues to funnel and, it will push up through the north. by 11:00 a.m. we could pick up sprinkles here in downtown san francisco. also through the delta and the east bay. scattered showers are round for the good part of the day. we
8:01 am
could see moderate downpour through your evening commute. by the evening hours we will taper off and seeing lingering leftover raindrops. right now temperatures are on that chilly side, as we head towards the afternoon lows '50s expected, the chance of showers saturday, looks to be dry sunday. george? >> george: light and easy ride around the bay area one hot spot an hour ago that cleared out in san jose. right now no problems. the right to the bridges look good. the meter lights are active at the bay bridge but no impact on the ride. san mateo bridge ride is an easy trip, and that the commute is over. no delays on 880 at highway 92 either. golden
8:02 am
gate bridge ride has been problem free all morning long. so has marin county, no delays between hamilton field, or the civic center. an easy ride for southbound 1 01. mark? >> mark: the presidential visit. there is the president and founder of facebook. do think there facebook friends by now? (laughter) you see the president chatting with the other leaders as well. right now the president and a hotel right now in millbrae. >> reporter: good morning that's the westin hotel it is still quiet. within 30 minutes there should be a flurry of activity.
8:03 am
please cars are down there. you would expect that would be part of the motorcade that will lead in this direction. you can see it is blocked off, going a mile over here to sfo where air force one is located. he is going to be headed to oregon to continue his tour. by about 830, that's when he is expected to be headed out on the motorcade, we will try to catch that. back to you. >> darya: we will catch it as it gets dead set vote because jackie is over there he has been swept by security and is waiting. >> reporter: air force one sits out here on the tarmac, you can see a lot of the white house
8:04 am
staff, air force one staff along with a tremendous amount of security personnel. i will show you what is going on. snipers are placed on top of roofs here. plainclothed security along with san francisco police. we have been checked, thoroughly, security check. we awaiting for the president to arrive, obviously he will come in his motorcade. he will then travel to oregon, i have done 10 of these, he never gets old. the site of an air force one is inspiring. it is a pretty odd in inspiring sight. >> darya: will this affect flights? >> reporter: they will close the
8:05 am
air space once he reaches the tarmac. for right now there is traffic moving in and out. there are helicopters, coast guard helicopter flying over. tremendous amount of security. our arrival or departure there is a tremendous amount of security. everything here will come to a screeching halt. >> darya: we will go to you as it happens. the president is going to nam president barack os naming one of his critics to an advisory council responsible for finding new ways to promote economic growth and bring jobs to the u.s. obama will name intel corp. ceo paul otellino to the jobs and competitiveness council during a visit to the company's semiconductor manufacturing facility in hillsboro, ore. as recently as september, otellini complained that administration policies had created too much uncertainty for businesses and had failed to spark job growth or boost consumer confidence in the economy. so it seems the president barack obama is
8:06 am
saying " ok you give a try " >> mark: out of egypt thousands gathering and praying today. it will have a march through the square. they continued to mark the one week date of mubarak's stepping down. the aim of the march is to keep up the spirit of the earlier protests alive. they're playing music and some are selling souvenirs as than a week for prayers to begin. they're worried the military that is running the country will not change enough. >> callerdemonstrators moving ie direction of pro square a day after riot police swept into the
8:07 am
area to destroy an encampment. most of the protesters were sleeping killing at least five of those protesters. witnesses say they have seen casualties in the clashes going on now. >> darya: 8:08 a.m., back with [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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>> james: keeping an eye on tahoe, 50 at ski run. the cars are moving slowly. we have a lot of snow on the ground potentially dangerous driving situation her. we have a chain requirements for all of those arteries spirit interstate 80 from gold run to state run. highway 88, chains for the road way but there is a closure to. 88 from silver lake to kirkwood.
8:11 am
back to the maps, this is what the forecast has in store. ski snow levels down to 2,000 ft.. a great weekend for skiing a lot of snow on the ground. be safe out there. we will be back with gerry coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪
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it's the starbucks via taste promise.
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>> darya: a 3:00 pm, gary what you doing? my girl here called and she is so nervous. what do you do when they say hello? >> gray: i say ok. have i ever talked to this young lady before? >> darya: she was concerned she would call you to our lead. you like to be called the second we
8:15 am
go on the air. >> gray: anybody in my position would say i know we have commercials i don't need to hear them. >> darya: fair enough. >> gray: i'm always pleasant. the guy says o.k. you're on an 10 seconds. i say ok. (laughter) >> gray: asked marcy if there's anything more than that. >> darya: today is the first day of mediation. seven days now. >> gray: it's good there will be a referee there. keep in mind it's not binding arbitration it means you have another guy in the room that supposed to be neutral. binding arbitration means he will make the decision. i think when two sides are far apart, this coulit is good to ha referee there. >> darya: how about the sharks?
8:16 am
today i want to talk about hockey. if you look at the western conference, somebody could lose and be out of the playoffs. i think there's three points separating the fourth spot and the ninth spot. the big thing they're talking about is the recent fights. mario lemieux came out and said this is too much. >> gray: no one can prove it's a head scratcher. some people like to go for the violence. wouldn't know the name of five players but they like the fights. yet people in this sport the purist, say this does not put our league and a good light. the question mark is what you do? >> darya: when the fans stop
8:17 am
standing up to get a peek will that would change.? >> gray: thursday it might be a fine automatically if you're fighting. if you suspend some without pay. >> darya: good point. >> gray: to me i don't particularly care for but there are people when there are a fight a lot of fans start cheering. >> darya: the question and you've made it very clear. which girls sports are wrote kate is eager to play? so now you have a wrestling thing. --are ok for girls to play. -- >> gray: u.s. sound sexist, i don't want ice cool girl
8:18 am
fighting a high-school boys. >> darya: this morning she went on to her match she had to fight and she lost. she is out. >> gray: so she lost. >> darya: in i want they have grown wrestling but there they don't. the boy said. i think the kid does not want to be the one to lose to the girl. >> gray: it's funny because you're not alone. they're saying that last night. women have different body parts. >> darya: is just uncomfortable. >> gray: i'm telling you i'm just thinking i would not want some guy putting their hands over my daughter. >> darya: how come you don't want to see the girl box or football. it's not that close of a contact sport. you just don't
8:19 am
see it. >> gray: if you're born have women box each other i don't wanna watch it--if you're going to have women box each other. --but when a high-school level are bigger, stronger, no violence, i don't watch a woman in there. or little girl. >> darya: i can see that. when i'm talking to my boys i say the guys say we had a girl that was on the football team. she intercepted a pass and forever we made fun of him. because the girl intercepted a pass. >> gray: i know some of the boys. >> darya: (laughter) >> gray: on not say no. i just say that's how i feel. that boy
8:20 am
who said i would not do it. i agree with him. i would not want to be put in that situation. you lose to anybody that's part of life. >> darya: it's more you just don't want. >> gray: how embarrassing it your normal. not some guy smoking behind the backstop. a normal guy is not grabbing girls. >> darya: i know what you're saying. i'm >> gray: there weather reporter went blank like i'm not touching the spirithat. >> darya: we are entitled to some opinions. >> gray: and i underline that i sang that's how i feel. >> darya: if you as a guy can
8:21 am
get on this synchronized swimming team i don't mind you swimming with me. >> gray: now i'm mad. how dare you deny me my rights. >> darya: how about we play field hockey. (laughter) we will be right back
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> darya: 8:25 a.m., the cameras are in millbrae. all the flashing lights going bite that is the president's caravan. they are headed to sfo. he spent 12 hours here, many of them sleeping. he met with leaders last night. they met and talked about innovation and businesses. now we just saw the caravaned go. we have our other camera at
8:25 am
sfo, it is only a mile down the road. traffic is affected for the moment right here. he will then take off for organ. >> mark: live to wisconsin. thousands of protesters. republicans it are asking the governor to send state troopers to senate democrats to bring them. a bill that will strip public-sector work hours including teachers of their rights to have collective bargaining. all 14 democrats have been missing from the capitol for a day and a half. republicans don't need the democrats to pass the bill, but they need to get them there to have the boat. tens of thousands of protesters are marching in the capital. we are following
8:26 am
the latest. we have to see if any democrats will even show up. >> darya: this is a wild story. >> mark: a lot of people watching this. wisconsin says they cannot afford collective bargaining. but teachers say they fought for this right. it appears the abou" will pass if t happens. some people say there in illinois or indiana. we will see if they confine the democrats. >> darya: 8:28 ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> darya: 8:30 a.m., i would say this is friday light. the deck is dry. it won't stay this way. is is still raining in the south bay? >> louisa: 0 it is raining and
8:29 am
we expect more. taking you to the south bay. from san jose heading down towards morgan hill, heavy downpours through monterey highway picking up heavier rain. plenty of snow falls in the mount diablo, it dublin interchange all the way through livermore we continue with raindrops beard w. all this moisture will funnel its way through. we will have that pattern back getting into the peninsula. by 4:00 p.m. moderate downpour's as well. we will call it scattered showers. we will keep left over rain drops into the evening. right
8:30 am
now your current temperatures cold side. starting to warm up in the napa valley at 35, 34 san rafael, 43 in san francisco. by this afternoon warming it into the 50s. keeping temperature in the '50s for the weekend and next week. chance of showers next work week. george? >> george: the bay bridge we are still not tracking any hot spots. we did see a delay on sfo. with the metering lights act of as they have been for an hour and no backup or delayed. --have been activated--1 01 southbound, much lighter than usual traffic it has been an easy ride all morning. the slow down around s at all, here in the southbound direction at millbrae, we had a stall up
8:31 am
against the center divider. that is the only slowing for the mid peninsula commute. darya? >> darya: so you see them headed to the airport with the president. i like to talk to george about when we talk about airport one. this is going to affect flights for how long? >> george: they will shut down the air space. allow normal commercial, passenger fighfligh, medivac flights to operate in or around the airport will the aircraft is on the ground. there is a window during which this aircraft is taxiing and taking off when no traffic will be allowed in the air space. this used to be called the terminal
8:32 am
control area. it's interesting to note, they issued eight t f r, temporary flight restriction. it included model aircraft operations. guys like me who like to fly model aircraft, they have been banned for 30 mi. radius since the president's arrival. until he departs. >> darya: here is pulling in now. this should happen fairly quickly. >> mark: a productive meeting last night with the founders of facebook, steve jobs, executives from ya who, twitter, and the president of stanford university. he continues to try and push to find a way to find
8:33 am
jobs in the united states. now headed off to oregon. president barack obama is naming one of his critics to an advisory council responsible for finding new ways to promote economic growth and bring jobs intel corp. ceo paul otellino to the jobs and competitiveness council during a visit to the company's semiconductor manufacturing facility in hillsboro, ore. as recently as september, otellini complained created too much uncertainty for businesses and had failed to spark job growth or boost consumer confidence in the economy. >> darya: pay iran that time there force one had a problem and another plaremember when thm with air force one and had to have it plane coming. >> george: they actually haven't equally plain i don't know if you can see it there. they can't comment on a presidential motorcade. we spoke with chp this morning. they couldn't say if there were on the freeway what they did say was this was the largest, entourage they will ever see when the president
8:34 am
travels. the group that he had today was as large as it ever gets. >> darya: there he goes. we saw the snipers and the caravan and all the security. there's the shot with facebook president. >> mark: he is on his way to oregon. >> darya: what was the big secret. this was the only photo that they have released. they want to keep it quiet. >> mark: remember you are talking about the president's last problems. we are waiting for sec complaint to come in the was designated air force one from fairfield. they were able to fix the engine problems and the president did leave on the
8:35 am
747. there is his entourage, 4000 square feet inside on three levels. surgery facility, operating room and sainside of r force one. an impressive airplane. >> darya: they do have to board, but they do that quickly. do you want to take a break or sit and watch? you think about how long it takes you to board. but these guys get on in a minute they close it up and take off. >> george: it's nice when they can open and close the air space for you. >> mark: the arrival last night is their on the left. as he made his trip down towards for the dinner. he stayed near the airport last night for a quick trip here.
8:36 am
>> darya: i never like to stay near the airport. they don't make a big deal of having to close down the highways to get to the airport. >> george: where they stayed in millbrae they did not have to get on to 1 01, the access roads to get to and from the aircraft. you noticed too, just like southwest, they load front and back. the president's ramp at the front, the doors closed and we all the way. the press and other members are boarding at the back end of the airplane. >> mark: following the latest here, we will show you the take off after the break.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> darya: air force one ready, they are getting ready to take off from sfo.
8:40 am
>> mark: they don't need clearance for this plane. they will take a short flight to oregon. the announcement that has not come out yet. it has been leaked head is that paul will be named competitor to this council. the seal has been outspoken about the administration appeared he complained the policies created too much uncertainty for businesses to operate. there has been a big push to lower the corporate tax rate. money many think it is the highest in the world. and it doesn't create a competitive business environment. >> darya: make sense. you say you think my ideas are bad when
8:41 am
you figure it out? that is the challenge now. >> mark: a complaint by chuck reed talking about this trip. the semiconductor plant in oregon and not in california. we will talk about the competitive nature in the united states. as well as the competitive nature in california. that was reportedly one of the topics of conversation last night. >> darya: check out the air force one. it looks mass of dozen of george? >> george: for many years the largest plane in operation. as mark was saying incredibly well equipped operating room, the mobile white house. it's the communication caught capabilities on board as well.
8:42 am
>> mark: it can fly continuously refueling mid-air. they have the advance security communication. it is a mobile command center. >> darya: the building in the way, there were snipers on top of that we saw them position. jackie, he is getting the shots for us. he had to go through ground security as he does. they are staked out into the president leaves. george they are closing their space right now. >> george: no landing traffic, taking off traffic, commercial flights are on gate hold, the airport for the most part locked down for any kind of transit. no other planes will be taxiing or rolling. everybody is on hold until it clears the ground. >> mark: they obviously plan for
8:43 am
the so there are no major delays. this window was prepared for in advance. >> george: most commercial airlines now you will note, the actual take off and departure times, they are usually patted on both ends by about 20 minutes. so they actually built in the window. >> darya: we reread that video as he got on board. he turns around and gives a wave. >> george: there's a helicopter patrolling the air space. the last time he was here he was at the aviation terminal at the backside of the airport. so that actually gives them access, i'm not sure if that's where was this position to date but
8:44 am
oftentimes that's where they put air force one. >> mark: a smaller visit and a faster trip last time. this time of very quick visit, he arrived last night at 5:30 p.m., and at 8:45 a.m., he is leaving. he is about to take off from sfo. >> mark: on looking in from another vantage point. the plane is not moving it is behind this building right now. not going for takeoff at this moment. the president will be an oregon and we will have that trip. this was such a fast track, 14 hours-- fast trips--this was the only photo that was released of this private meeting. >> mark: the president trying to
8:45 am
rally support for his 2012 budget this week. he met with a lot of resistance from republicans. he is trying to rally support. >> mark: i >> mark: it is moving in now ready for takeoff. there we go. >> darya: president barack obama taking off at 8:46 a.m., after a quick stop to the bay area to talk to tech leaders. headed up to or get at this hour. >> mark: we will be right back as a morning news continues.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> louisa: welcome back to kron
8:49 am
4 morning news. 8:50 a.m., active whether down into the south bay. san jose releasing those rainfall rates picked up. along 280, and 101 towards morgan hill. morgan hill another spot getting heavy downpours. we are also seeing those showers creep up the mesthe peninsula. l be right back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> mark: we want to let you know what the president's motorcade headed to sfo, they halted traffic here on moneyline. you see the back up almost down to the san mateo area. --on 101--you can see that
8:53 am
back up with the red showing up on the sensors burie. air forcee took off. and traffic is moving again. >> darya: taking a peek at the big board up by 41 points. stocks have been mixed in early trading at of the holiday weekend. major industries have been rising steadily this month. they are headed for gains. it is now up 41 points. team coverage of the weather, and the storm. will tran is in morgan hill. >> will: wet morning commute as steady rainfall continues to come down. the cars behind me are going northbound on 1 01. good news however, that it is not windy at this time, not very cold. unlike the past couple of
8:54 am
days we saw rain coming down, so far it is just a light rainfall. you will get what did you stay out for some time. from morgan hill will tran kron 4 news. >> mark: pg&e corp. on thursday substantially raised its estimates for the cost of explosion in san bruno and hinted that it may ask its customers to pick up part of the tab, which could reach $763 million by year's end. pg&e, the parent company of pacific gas and electric co., reported thursday that it expects to spend between $200 million and $300 million in 2011 on pipeline tests, record searches and other activities related to the blast - more than twice the company's previous estimate. pg&e already spent $63 million last year responding to the sept. 9 explosion, which killed eight people. suspicious of selling drugs. he headed a drug task force was arrested on felony counts. stager the agents
8:55 am
also rested christopher of concord. he was charged with conspiring. the agency investigation is ongoing. they say there is no indication that others were involved. >> darya: chalk read us had the state of the city address. he says closing the 110 million budget shortfall would take more than 10 percent cut in wages and benefits the city workers agreed to last year. he is urging them to reconsider concessions and making them permanent. he says retirement costs must be brought under control. he pledged there would be no drastic cuts to the police force, public libraries, community centers would stay open. officials from new york are extending the university an invitation. they hope to create
8:56 am
an engineering campus in new york city. new york does not have but science research graduate school. because of that they fell behind. if stanford eggs excess the new campus would be larger and more permanent than the existing centers in d.c. and overseas. >> mark: out of nasa these tiny eruptions in the sun's surface called solar flares, not so tiny in the surface of the sun. scientists say they are the largest flares since 2006, the energy has beautiful northern lights, it can interfere with satellites though. we will be right back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> mark: 9:00 a.m., the top stories right now president barack obama just leaving the
8:59 am
bay area. he is headed to oregon. >> darya: thousands of people gathering in egypt once again to celebrate the long time ousting of their leader mubarak. >> mark: snow keeps coming down in the sierra, skiers are upout >> louisa: snow in the bay area at the dropping of both 3,000 ft.. heavy rain in san jose. watching it bringing showers up bin the peninsula. >> louisa >> george: quiet in the traffic area. even with the meter lights on there has not been a backup at any time this morning. there is one slowed down but i will tell you that in a minute. >> darya: you just saw live on
9:00 am
kron 4, the president leaving the bay area. he boards air force one, and then you can see it taking off. headed to oregon. he had a dinner at the home of john door, he is a venture capitalist. president barack obama. president barack obama is naming one of his critics to an advisory council responsible for finding new ways to promote economic growth and bring jobs to the u.s. obama will name intel corp. ceo paul otellino to the jobs and competitiveness council during a visit to the company's semiconductor manufacturing facility in hillsboro, ore. as recently as september, otellini complained that administration policies had created too much uncertainty for businesses and had failed to spark job growth or boost consumer confidence in the economy. so the president kind of saying if i'm not do it right then you figure it out. catching you up with the bay area weather.
9:01 am
>> mark: the rain has been heavy across parts of the south bay, one thing everybody has saying what a crazy weather. >> louisa: the heavier rain at this hour in the south bay. we will take you win and show you. some cells producing heavy down false. down in morgan hill. also snowfall up in the diablo, snow levels below 3,000 ft.. san jose, you can see heavier rain but it is working its way south. as we take it up along the peninsula starting to watch showers inch their way up the peninsula headed towards san francisco. showers along the san mateo bridge, it done are bridge
9:02 am
as well. as we why did that we have much more wet weather continuing fuddling in. future cast 4 set for 10:00 a.m., showing you the showers inching north. we could get some sprinkles in the north bay. however north bay stands the best chance to staying dry. the heavier stuff in the south bay up to the livermore valley. we could get heavier downpours in places like concord. by 4:00 p.m., seeing things like not all little bit. we are starting off this morning with cool temperatures a lot of that cool air-ring in from the gulf of alaska. tapping into tropical moisture as well. cool temperatures and the wet weather. current temperatures right now 34, 354 napa, 40 in fairfield. 7 day around the
9:03 am
bay, low 50s today. chance of rain tomorrow, then sunday a better chance of staying dry. slight chance of showers through next week. george? >> george: it's not often you get to say we have a presidential hot spot. highway 1 01 we could not get confirmation from highway patrol we did from viewers learn the motorcade was on 1014 1 mi. stretch. they did hold traffic. until the motorcade was safely off the freeway. we are seeing an accordion affect. we checked and this look traffic was between san bruno, now it is down to san mateo. that's the way the slowdown's work. it begins to back up here. a lot of motorists
9:04 am
slowed down and watched air force one take off. believe me when i say that is not the slowest traffic that is the slowest traffic you will find in the bay area right now. much lighter than usual on this friday before presidents day. a bridge check bay bridge ride has been light and easy, no wind advisories here or for the san mateo bridge. it has been a good to me as well. there you see there ride eastbound, and westbound. no problems or delays. the golden gate bridge problem free, easy marin county ride as well. we want to mention again just briefly, at north of kalispell gun, 29 shutdowns because of ice and snow. >> darya: that rain in the south
9:05 am
bay has picked up over last hour pared will tran is there and tells us what you can expect. >> will: if you live in the south bay you need to get around at this time, it's not going to be easy. the rain is really coming down hard right now, you can see what it is doing to my visibility. not only is it coming down hard, it is driven by the windy conditions. i can tell you i see the route rain coming in sideways. the cars in front of me not helping out of visibility. because there's so much more water on the road but cars are kicking up water on to my windshield. it cuts down on my visibility. the rain came down so hard there is hydroplaning taken place. there puddles on the road. southbound 85 in san jose kron 4 news. >> darya: 9:07 a.m., we will
9:06 am
continue to coverage of the storm. you can see it coming down by morgan hill and campbell. as you move off to the east get over to talk all you can see the snow coming down. we will be right back.
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
>> mark: an update on the sierra this weekend. snow should taper off later today snow showers on and off for tomorrow and into sunday. if you're headed up their three-5 ft. of snow. we still have a winter storm warning in effect until tomorrow. snow levels 2,000 ft. so snow almost the whole drive up. road conditions 50 admirersmyers50 at myers. cover
9:10 am
chain requirements on 80 start at gould run, on 88 is closed from silver lake to kirkwood. so you can get to kirkwood on 88 no problem. >> darya: the big board this is the best we have seen all morning it is up 51 points. a store we are following that of wisconsin. the senate is going to try again to convene. no democrats are showing up. they want to debate and in state union measure that actors say republicans intend to pass that but they can't do anything without the democrats. they say they want to get rid of unions,
9:11 am
the problem is the unions have been around for half a century. 50 years they have collective bargaining for public workers, obviously a huge amount of resistance. this is very controversial. inciting rallies, democrats are rallying right now. all of the people out there with signs and everything else. they don't want this to happen. the people you see here. the lawmakers do. tens of thousands of protesters in madison for three days. this is building up to be quite a confrontation. >> mark: unions across the nation are watching this. they are trying to bust the union and trying to make it so they cannot bargain collectively. >> darya: they have had union for 50 years will see if they can change in one day or
9:12 am
not. they need at least one democrat, here's the funny part. they don't know where the democrats are. >> mark: the governor was recent questing state troopers code to mark miller's home and find him. they can grab him or are resting or dragoman. they want to have the presence of state troopers outside of the home so they know they are watching and waiting for at least one democrat to show up. >> darya: this is the crazy site. is developing news. there are kids out there today, all the union workers out there. we will see what happens. what if all the union workers to work today? there are tens of thousands of them. >> mark: any one unionized will
9:13 am
be affected by this vote. we will follow the latest there. the heavy rain is coming down out of the south and east bay. san for cisco 43 degrees.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> darya: are eye on this story. our eye on the storm. >> louisa: heavy rain, if you're getting reports of palhail let us know. we are getting a heavier dose of rain over here right now. if you're headed north things are tapering off. san jose socked in with wet weather. coming down steady. heavier rain along 87, also 280.
9:17 am
morgan hill around 101 picking up heavier rain. around the peninsula watching the rain inch their way north. it is moving up the peninsula as well through the state of sabah appeared as we why did it out all this wet weather is hitting offshore continuing to funnel rated through the south bay inching its way north. best chance of rain stays in to the south bay, this afternoon brings chance of showers up to the north as well . concord could get downpours. best chance of staying dry the north bay, slight chance of rain there as well though. continuing to see wet weather through the evening, tapering off this evening. satellite radar shows what's going on. all this moisture is funneling in
9:18 am
from the south, also cold air and ushering in from the gulf of alaska as well. dropping snow level down as well this morning. current temperatures 34 san rosa, san rafael. 353 napa, 43 in san francisco. this afternoon low 50s and staying that way three weekend. better chance of seeing showers saturday, but it looks like we are drying out over the weekend. george? >> george: we are looking for great ride in the bay area in general. we do have slow traffic in san jose but no hot spots to slow your ride. they commute pass millbrae, has picked up. it had been closed off during president's departure. at the bay bridges and it is a good
9:19 am
drive. even with the meter and light active there is no back up your salmonsan mateo bridge ride is a good drive. golden gate bridge problem free all morning long. where we are seeing slowing as with the rain in san jose, 1 01 northbound. earlier there was an incident that backed up traffic. that back up cleared out completely. and now that the rain is where moving through it has slowed traffic. >> mark: checking in with yoli. >> reporter: i'm frozen (laughter) it's the 5 layer day if you're walking around. these people have the right idea they have their coats on, clouds, that's what you want. this wind is
9:20 am
making it colder than what it should be. this wind hit you and it feels i see. a catcher's skin. if you're born to be outside wear you are going to be outside wear a scarf and men's. >> mark: we had a mass of waves yesterday looks calmer today? >> reporter: ala, are, no big swells heading up against the wall. it is windy, but not that kind of a wind. >> mark: we get one of the year king tied, with a full blown out there. we have the moon, sun, earth and it lines up perfectly. >> darya: is san jose it is
9:21 am
still raining, it has been heavy all morning. alive look at 1 01. traffic is slow here, not because of the volume but because of the downpour. we will see right back. [ female announcer ] here are some great reasons to switch to at&t.
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9:24 am
>> mark: all look in as sierra, the of the keep the roads clear, winter storm warning in effect as heavy snow winds down tonight. >> darya: egyptians are gathered again today. this time they are celebrating. marking and fall of mubarak who left under pressure we could go. it is in friday of victory, they have a march as well. you can see they are waving flags and celebrating. the situation in egypt remains unsettled because there is labour unrest, increase pay and
9:25 am
better working conditions appeared concerned the military which is in charge. will not implement the promised reforms. the egyptians have fuelled what's going on in yemen. they are demonstrating for nate today, for people have been killed--demonstrating in yemen--they have been fighting in the streets, protesters want to end the 32 you year rule of the president. >> mark: they are firing tear gas in bahrainis. demonstrators are in process where a day after riot police swept in to eat up a protest. most of them were sleeping when the police moved in. five were killed in the attack. witnesses say there has
9:26 am
been catchcasualties today as well. >> darya: mt. tam is all salk did because a storm system is not done with us yet. --all sought i
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> darya: welcome back, we have are eye on this story appeared especially the south. especiall >> louisa: snow levels dipping down below 3,000 ft. this morning. along the peninsula seeing showers work their way and. getting showers from san jose down to more than help. closer to san jose use the heavy downpours. lighter rain and
9:29 am
drizzle, light showers through the morning, in through a good portion of the afternoon as well. offshore lot of moisture funnelling and, in to the south bay to start. we will what showers continue to inch their way in the peninsula. better chance in the east bay in the afternoon today. by 4:00 p.m. moderate downpours here and there. for the most part scattered showers hit or miss throughout the day. it should last through the evening hours right now all here radar showing you what's going on. all of this wet weather attack began from the south, all that su subtropical air. and also air from the gulf of alaska as well. current temperatures 34 san rosa, south bay mountainview
9:30 am
and san jose it is the mid-40s. 7 day around bay, shows temperatures warming into the low 50s today and tomorrow. it looks like we could drive out by the end of the weekend, bringing showers back again next workweek. >> george: still looking at a great ride, no hot spots right now. the bridges are extremely light. no back up at the bay bridge westbound, the meter lights have been active two hours now, not producing delays. it has been delayed free for the san mateo bridge, light traffic on the right-hand side of your screen, the golden gate problem free with no delays northbound, or south. three san francisco lighter than usual traffic, no back up as you join the james lick. still little sluggish past 380. >> mark: storm trucker for as we
9:31 am
focus on the sierra, you see the change over with chain requirements this snow continues to come down. a look from the sierra as we have 50 at myers, cars were being held, there are holding traffic because this snow is coming down so heavy. this snow totals over last seven days, 90 in. of snow, sure ruble 84, a squall with over 6 ft., north star '92. chain requirements still posted, on 80, 50, 88 is closed one to get to kirkwood, once you pass kirkwood to silver lake it is
9:32 am
closed. >> darya: president barack obama taking off this morning, we showed you live on kron 4. he had dinner last night with high- tech executives at the home of john dort in woodside. he is a venture capitalist. this is the only shot the only photo released by the white house of the president's meeting last night. he is with facebook founder. they were chatting last night. the president today presa is naming one of his critics to an advisory council responsible for finding new ways to promote economic growth and bring jobs to the u.s. obama will name intel corp. ceo paul otellino to the jobs and competitiveness council during a visit to the company's semiconductor manufacturing facility in hillsboro, ore. as recently as september, otellini complained that administration policies had created too much uncertainty for businesses and had failed to spark job growth or boost consumer confidence in the economy. the president's counsel will find new ways to promote economic growth.
9:33 am
>> mark: we will be back as the news continues, the latest in wisconsin, three days of protests out that side of the state capital. the governor is trying to bust the unions. they're trained to vote on the bill to be and collective bargaining from unions. busting the unions in the state. teachers among the protesters here, all state workers would be affected. police are hunting down the democratic leader. 14 democrats. they don't need the democrats to pass the bill, however they need their presence in order to conduct about. democrats have disappeared. there is word they may be in and neighboring state. they're looking for the leader to persuade him to come to the capital so the republicans can have this vote. the entire
9:34 am
nation is watching this as a benchmark. collective bargaining has been in place for 50 years now. of both most certain that happened once they find a democrat.
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:37 am
>> darya: 9:38 a.m., 7 day around the bay here. this storm will stick around today, heavy showers in the south rain now. north of san francisco is dry right now appeared for the weekend, we bombed but the temperatures a little. but it is cold. mid-50s, maybe it breaks of sun for the weekend, a slight chance of showers hovers over next week. >> mark: pg&e corp. on thursday
9:38 am
substantially raised its estimates for the cost of dealing with the fatal pipeline explosion in san bruno and hinted that it may ask its customers to pick up part of the tab, which could reach $763 million by year's end. pg&e, the parent company of pacific gas and electric co., reported thursday that it expects to spend between $200 million and $300 million in 2011 on pipeline tests, record searches and other activities related to the blast - more than twice the company's previous estimate. pg&e already spent $63 million last year responding to the sept. 9 explosion, which killed eight people. narcotics agent will be arraigned on suspicion of selling drugs today. he headed a task force was arrested wednesday on felony counts related to distribution of drugs. another drug agent was arrested as well as a private investigator accused of conspiring. the agency's ongoing investigation continues, and no indication any more law enforcement agents are involved. we will talk more about this story later. >> darya: chuck reed at the the state of the city address
9:39 am
calling the state budget public enemy number one. he says closing the short fall would take more than 10 percent cut in wages and benefits city workers agreed to last year. he urges them to make them permanent. the mayor also said retirement costs must be brought under control. he said there will be no cuts to the police force, community centers would stay open. officials from new york arts and in stamford university in invitation. heat they hope they will consider campus in new york city. new york doesn't have a graduate school, because of that they have fallen behind in the effort to attract high tech companies. this new campus would be more permanent and far larger than their existing campuses. >> mark: whether not to release
9:40 am
a new mug shot of jared, and under seal records of his house. lawyers read refuse the request to hand over the photo and release the records. journalists want to know what was taken in the search after the january 8th shooting. federal judge in arizona recruit recused themselves from hearing the case because of their connection to district judge john role he was one of the six killed. president barack obama naming court house after him today. >> darya: right after leaving the president said he is deeply concerned, about the violence he is seeing in libya and yemen. a statement obviously made on board air force one. right now
9:41 am
he has on his way to oregon. that is a developing story. right now we want to take alive look, it is pouring in san jose. it is wet all morning, a big downpour right now. we will be right back.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> >> louisa: pushin: the rain is g to push north, the fog in the north bay, low visibility is this morning in novato, san rosa. chance of showers continues for everybody today. the radar shows you what's going on. the bulk of activity in the
9:45 am
south bay. san jose stretching into morgan hell, that's where the heavy stuff is this morning. hill that's where the heavy stuff is right now appeared snow . snow below 2,000 ft. 3 santa clara county, along the peninsula starting to pick up raindrops from san mateo. north bay expecting to get showers. right now off the coast we have moisture continuing to funnel right through the south bay. pushing its way north. that is the pattern. though showers moving into the north. by 2:00 p.m. chance of showers around by 4:00 p.m. moderate downpour's at times. we will stay with the wet weather through the evening as well. better chance of tapering off in the evening.
9:46 am
satellite radar shows we continue to pick up on the tropical moisture, getting cold air through the gulf alaska. bringing snow in to tahoe and the bay area. right now of the highs are blowout there. temperatures in the 30's, 35 napa, by the afternoon highs will warm into the 50s. but the low 50s. chance of showers saturday, but we will dryout through the weekend. slight chance of showers will move in next week. let's check in with your ski report. alpine meadows, over last 24 hours 47 in. of new snow, 8 lifts open, bay step 168
9:47 am
in., 43 in. of fresh new powder, 8 lifts open. north star, 37 in. of new snow, 16 lifts open. george? >> george: we will end this hour the way we began with the bridge check. no hot spots thankfully for you. you have an easy ride no matter where you head right now especially the bay bridge where there is no backup delays or waiting. they may have turned off the meter lights, even when they were on they didn't account for back up. san mateo bridge very easy, but commute has been over for two hours here. golden gate bridge problems free all morning long. you may see showers in marin in a while, but no delays to traffic.
9:48 am
>> mark: a story out of the east bay head of the drug force has been arrested on drug charges. we have i did here to talk about it and the implications of this case to other cases. let's talk about what this investigator accused of. >> you have a department of justice official drug enforcement officials and a friend of his. both former police officers. these two guys are selling and distributing steroids, marijuana, in large quantities. 25 counts, $800,000 for bail. this is a big case big ramifications. this could touch
9:49 am
off a lot of cases over lot of years. the question is what did they do. when the trial begins when the fact comes out. then we will know the facts. we will then know how many cases this effects. this will be a tv movie, it will have far reaching effects. this is unbelievable. >> mark: we saw this with the drug lab scandal. this is bring and other things. >> if they're selling math and marijuana how does this play into the cases they investigated. do they know their friends, where do they get their drugs, where their contacts part of the people they were investigating? this is a ball that has to be unraveled. the right now we know nothing. we
9:50 am
will know. the news that will come from this case, will be extremely interesting as far as what cases get thrown out. >> darya: and what caissons up against these guys. although they don't think there's any more inside, there could be more charges. >> i'm not sure how much of these facts come out, they might have to bite the bullet and shut up. this is mafia stuff, they may have a lot of people there looking at the case. these guys are the dealers, how far does this extend. this could be a national or international case. it is yet to be seen where this goes. >> mark: so this could be the beginning of the story? >> it may be that 10 of the iceberg. --tip of the iceberg--
9:51 am
it will take some time this case will move slowly to >> mark:. 9:52 a.m., back with more couple of minutes.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> darya: welcome back 9:55 a.m., continuing to follow the storm. it is spreading, a while ago was a south bay, now extending up toward san rafael, livermore especially some major heavy downpours. >> mark: when people drive poorly normally, when the store moves through it brings out a lot of bad behavior. now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news >> stanley: we are in route to a multi car collision with injuries. this drivers slowed to get out of the way. the driver actually turns in front of the patrol car to make a left turn.
9:55 am
i am arriving with the marine officer of chp on the lookout for bad drivers. in the rain in they are plentiful. the driver of this jeep cloud over the sign in a mercedes. fire people helped your route. she had a prescription drugs and wind. trend toward it to a hospital where she was booked and thank yoon dui. this drivers traveling too fast for the conditions. it caused him to hit the center divide. the driver of this car was caught 15 mi. over the speed limit in the rain. it is 55 here, the driver admitted how fast he was going. the
9:56 am
driver told me it's a new car he's getting used to it. he was let off with a warning. finally this driver was stopped because in the back seat with a four year-old without a seatbelt or car seat. in an accident the child would be injured or worse. >> you're responsible for that child to be in the seat. and belted. >> stanley: it's not uncommon for drivers to pass a cruiser doing the speed limit. because conditions are different when the road is wet the chp has to slow down. >> and going 50 and i can't go faster i would hydroplane. >> stanley: stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> darya: 9:58 a.m., the look in oregon where president barack obama has just landed aboard air force one. he took off earlier from sfo this morning. >> mark: the news returns with
9:57 am
james into minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> james: 10:00 a.m., live pictures here out of oregon this morning. air force one has touched down. president barack obama set 2 to are a manufacturing facility this morning. he will be announcing, president barack obama is advisory council responsible for finding new ways to promote economic growth and bring jobs to the u.s. obama will name intel corp. ceo paul otellino to the jobs and competitiveness council during a visit to the company's semiconductor manufacturing facility in hillsboro, ore. as recently as september, otellini complained that administration policies had created too much uncertainty for businesses and had failed to spark job growth or boost consumer confidence in the economy. this of course is the tail end of a trip that brought him to the bay area yesterday.
10:00 am
he assembled some of the biggest names in silicon valley to confer on jobs, innovation, trying to get leaders from google, apple behind this push to keep his spending on high- tech initiatives. we saw of photo, the only official float released, the president shaking hands with facebook creator. he was one of the folks there. steve jobs, founder and ceo of apple was also there despite his announcement last month he was taking a medical leave. he was in attendance as well along with a dozen other business leaders that were there in woodside. the president left this morning, from sfo. we had live coverage
10:01 am
of it this morning. you watched as we said goodbye, and now here he is arriving in oregon. he will speak about his jobs initiative later today. and he will also make the formal notice that to the council has put together and jobs in competitiveness council. the aim is to inspire more companies to hire. not only here domestically but around the world as well. there has been a lot of criticism on the part of business entrepreneurs, and republicans that tax system is not the most conducive to business competition. some of the highest corporate interest
10:02 am
rates are found in the united states. they're looking to make some changes. they would like the president to go along with that more. video of his dip karcher earlier this morning. we are waiting for him to step out of air force one. when he does, that will kick off his final trip, before he heads to the east coast. president barack obama not only met with google, and apple, some of the latest notes. he also met with yahoo, oracle, executives from twitter was also there. it was a whirlwind trip, it really packed with a lot of meat and greets with some of the most powerful people in corporate america. a lot of those companies in silicon valley. there he is stepping off of the air force
10:03 am
one now. he is safe and well in portland, we will follow his trip throughout the day today. 10:14 a.m., let's get the latest on the forecast. looking at downtown san francisco, gray and cloudy. >> louisa: in the south bay now to starting to work its way up the peninsula into the north bay as well. showers kicking and, at the heavy stuff is from san jose, down into more than help, also los gatos amorgan hill, als gatos. los gatos is picking up heavier rain. also snowfall up on the hills. morgan hill heavier arain as well. snow
10:04 am
levels they're dipping down below the 3,000 ft. level. snow levels are dropping this morning. starting to know inotin picking up in san francisco, it will enter its way northward. we could pick up showers through highway 37, as we white knit out all this moisture in the pacific continuing to funnel its way into the south bay and inching its way north. all of this cloud cover is actually tapping into some tropical temperatures, we also have a lot of cold air from the gulf of alaska ushering in. it makes this snow levels drop. taking it through the rest of the day we will continue with that motion of more moving northward. expecting a chance of showers around through a good portion of
10:05 am
the day. afternoon could have moderate downpours at times, keeping the wet whether throughout the day. right now 30's, 7 day around the bay warming it up into the low 50s today, a slight chance of showers by saturday drying out sunday, continuing a chance into next week. >> erica: happy friday, over all agree commute, 1-maybe t2 hot spots throughout the day but they have all cleared out now. the meter lights here have already cycled off two hours ago, traffic is flowing freely, drive time of 9 minutes from the foot of the maze to san francisco. similar conditions at the san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound 92. although you have wet weather traffic is nice
10:06 am
and light. pretty much the same story goulding gate bridge southbound 1 01 moving well. traffic and marin county, at top speed on our maps, a drive time 22 minutes from novato into the city limits. >> james: let's head to the south bay we continue to follow the rain there, will tran shows us the conditions. >> will: if you live in the south bay in you need to get around at this time, it's not going to be easy. the rain is going to be coming down hard at this time, you can see what it is doing to my visibility, not only is it coming down hard, it seems to be driven by the windy conditions, i can tell you i see rain coming in sideways. the cars in front of me, not helping out of visibility. the reason why is because there's so much water on the roads the card is kicking up water on to my
10:07 am
windshield. because the rain came down so quickly, and so hard. there is hydroplaning taking place of the because i see puddles on the roadway. southbound 85, will tran kron 4 news. >> james: 10 08 a.m., back with more moment. cloudy start for this friday, but the rain will be light. back with more moment. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's
10:08 am
10:09 am
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10:11 am
the way. in getting down to the single digits over night. getting up there ovegoing to bea problem. changes are needed for highway 80, and highway 50. a stretch of highway 88 is closed from kirkwood to silver lake. they have avalanche control going on there. we will go overseas egyptians by the thousands gathered for purse today and plan victory mocmarch they are calling today friday of a three and a continuation. the game will be to keep that upbeat spirit alive. you can see here folks carrying flags protesting in cairo. as they waited for
10:12 am
purrs to begin. but the situation in egypt is on sable, amid worries the council won't implement those changes that were promised. we will take a break and let's go back outside another look as we go. this time the golden gate bridge. cloud cover beginning to build. still dry nor rain falling to the north. a full kiss your forecast coming up
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> james: following the whether team coverage continues the morning of cool temperatures and rain in some spots. yoli is live in san francisco off the embarcadero. >> reporter: i am definitely bundled up. it is icy cold out here, the guy walking the dog
10:16 am
there, he has to regret not wearing a hat right now. (laughter) it is really cold if you're doing activity aside have gloves, hat, a scarf. it's just too cold to be out. (laughter) if you're going straight year car than you can jump in your car and turn on the heater. but if they're going to do activity aside bundle up. >> james: you know where it's cold to on top of mount hamilton. we have a photograph showing the snow at the top of mount hamilton right now. that's elevation 4,000 ft.? and elevations were down to 2000 today? >> louisa: certainly below 3000. we have had snow fall through
10:17 am
much of the morning out there. it continues this morning. the heavy stuff in the south bay san jose all the way down to more been helmorgan hill getting rain jose into evergreen, los gatos getting heavy rain as well. as we widen it up this is the shot of mount hamilton and the diablo range, up bin through the peninsula showers are inching in. that will be the pattern through much of the day today. all of this moisture setting off of the pacific continuing to move. we're tapping into the moisture and the cool air out there. future cast 4 set for 10:00 a.m., showers through the east bay, the south bay as
10:18 am
well. by this afternoon continuing wet weather with moderate downpour's at times. seeing sprinkles through the afternoon as well. another wet day out there as well anklas wer mountainview, as we take it through the rest of the they are highs could get up to 52 san rosa, napa, 52 to richmond, along the coast though chile, struggling to get out of the '40's. 7 day around the bay shows showers for tomorrow, a break by the end of the weekend and bringing back shower chances into the mix by work week. >> erica: flipping through the traffic cameras no slowdowns, the bridges look great as well. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza nice and light this morning. it has been the case all morning long no back up
10:19 am
here, traffic moving well from all the approaches. clocking excellent drive times now minutes from the foot of the mason to fremont street san francisco. bridge check at the san mateo bridge looks good, lots of space between cars, the right hand screen o. golden gats good as well no problems here tracking speeds above 60 mi. an hour. the rain coming down hard in the south bay here. just past downtown near trembled occurs, traffic nice and light. chp is asking you drive cautious. good conditions on all freeways. james? >> james: i checked on wall street we have the following stocks this morning. i had a
10:20 am
long holiday weekend traders are feeling good. they have a long holiday ahead of them. nasdaq is up for, if it happens, if they and positive today it will be the third week of gains for the dow. that's big news. out of wisconsin you have a live picture of protests outside of the state capital. inside the senate plans to try again to them being so they can debate it controversial anti-union measure that supporters say is intended to increase sorry ease the budget crunch. this is a near certain victory for the senate, if it passes it would and collective bargaining for workers. democrats retaliate yesterday by, fleeing, they left
10:21 am
the capital, which halted debate, and nobody knows where they are. the dispute has made demonstrators come out for the past four days. they can't hold a vote, they can't pass a bill without the democrats. that's why the democrats left. let's see how long they will stay away. we have a quick look at the bay bridge approach. your ride is good and so far it is dry. which is great news.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
>> james: 10:26 a.m., cloudy over san francisco, this is probably what a lot of folks the. everybody kind of dry rain now. 43 in san francisco low 50s this afternoon, we will follow the weather as we head into the
10:25 am
holiday weekend. we are seeing evidence of an earthquake down near baja mexico 5.1 in magnitude. 12 mi. from guadalupe de mexico. sparsely populated so not a lot of people felt the spirit big enough the science monograph shockit. a seismologiy seen this. that quake nothing, to major. they have reports of feeling that shaking as far as southern california. again no damage or injury with that. enough we thought we would mention it. in san diego, a hearing to determine whether to release a new mug shot of the
10:26 am
arid, and then seal records of his house. lawyers for lot near oppose requests. we will let you know how that turns out. journalists want to know what items were taken in a search that killed six people and wounded 12 people. they havjudge recused themselves from this hearing. 10:27 a.m., a break, we continue to follow the weather up here and in the sierra. this i think is from tahoe, await that kirkwood. all lot of snow, seven and a half feet have fallen since last saturday. the past seven days brought new fresh powder. back with more
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> james: let's get thule's so with the latest on the forecast. >> louisa: right now showers continue in the south bay. three san jose downtown morgan hill as well. focusing in on san jose, los gatos this morning getting heavier rain. we have plenty of snow fall on mount hamilton, through the santa clara county, snow levels below 3,000 ft. this morning. up in san francisco we are starting to see the showers edged their way north, continuing to bring and the chance for showers later today. you can see showers sitting offshore funneling inland. continue with moisture we are
10:30 am
tapping into which.. seeing this pattern of showers going north in the delta, seeing moderate downpours for this. scattered showers for today, the intensity level not as much as the past few days. current temperatures in the 30's, '40's, 39 san rosa, 37 san rafael, 42 in san francisco. your afternoon breezes a high of low 50, continuing with a slight chance of showers tomorrow, drying out on the weekend especially sunday. >> erica: if you're headed out the door you will not have any delays traffic is moving well around the bay area. no hot spots for you, a quick bridge check for you westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nice and light. it has been the case all morning long. the lights have been cycled off
10:31 am
no problems getting to the bridge. the same story at the san mateo bridge this morning, westbound and eastbound looks really good. he may be met with wet weather but so far so good. the golden gate bridge southbound 1 01, heavier is to make your way across the deck, tracking goodspeed's for you a drive time of 24 minutes for your ride out of novato in to the city limits. crosstown freeways in san francisco looks good right where the james lick meets the and down central, if you're headed in the spot direction to the lower deck of the bay bridge, that is problem free. >> james: 10:33 a.m., video president barack obama landing in air force one. that came in 35 minutes ago he touched down in oregon. he will be talking more about job creation in
10:32 am
america and how to make american workers, more competitive. all lot of talk about restructuring corporate taxes. president barack obama is naming one of his critics to an advisory council responsible for finding new ways to promote to the u.s. obama will name intel corp. ceo paul otellino to the jobs and competitiveness council during a visit to the company's semiconductor hillsboro, ore. as recently as september, otellini complained created too much uncertainty for businesses and had failed to spark job growth or boost economy. that comes out hills of his visit here is that california. he was in the silicon valley, we had google ceo, founder facebook there, steve jobs would there, 12 other executives as well. people from yahoo, twitter, stanford univ. all they're giving him their advice. this was him leaving
10:33 am
this morning. the president continuing his push to create jobs. taking his tour to oregon this morning before heading to pc. republicans want to do a/member number on his latest proposal. --dc--there were area reservoirs' took a hit but in february we are making up for some of that. >> reporter: all this rain has been good news for reservoirs and especially in the south bay the senate clear water districts as the rain has brought up reservoirs by several percentage as in the past few days. that was to go. >> in three days with the storms, we have seen one and a half billion the gallons of water headed to a are where is the reservoir. >> reporter: they fell behind in january was a dry month. we
10:34 am
still need to see rainfall in the month of march. >> james: narcotics agent will be arraigned on suspicion of selling drugs today. he headed the drug task force was arrested wednesday related to distribution of marijuana, steroids, math and the enemy., pg&e corp. on thursday substantially raised its estimates for the cost of explosion in san bruno and hinted that it may ask its tab, which could reach $763 million by year's end. pg&e, the parent company of pacific gas and electric co., reported thursday that it expects to spend between $200 million and $300 million in 2011 on pipeline tests, record searches and other activities related to the blast - more than twice the company's previous estimate. pg&e already spent $63 million last year responding to the sept. 9 explosion, which killed eight people. 10:36 a.m.,
10:35 am
all look as we go, alive look at the golden gate bridge. we are seeing scattered showers throughout the day. none at the bridge specifically by heavy rain in san jose. more in your forecast in a minute.
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
>> james: 10:39 a.m., start trucker for centered over tall, we have snow fallin. storm trucw falling in tahoe, dangerous conditions in king bill be slow, and chain requirements headed up there. once you get very will be great. this is some of the latest snow that fell in the last seven days. kirkwood 7 ft. of new snow, squaw valley 74
10:39 am
in., heavenly 63 in., sierra 38 in.. even if you were there last weekend drastically different if your head up there this weekend. we also have some cool video from nasa, these images capture solar flares, they have been happening for the past few days. they happened on monday. scientists say is is the largest since 2006, expect energy headed our way, once they get here they contribute to the northern lights that we see in some parts of the world. there is also a downside did disrupt power and communications and all of that.
10:40 am
faceboo more options to choose from in their relationship statuscivil union and domestic partnership. these options to users in the u.s., canada, the u.k., france and australia, officials from the nonprofit gay & lesbian said. the organization worked with facebook to add these options. is that time stock up on your favorite girl scout cookies i bought three boxes. thin mints are the lowest in calories, if you wait for, you have to do 30 minutes of cardio to work them off. 30 minutes for for cookies. those tiger mars are double in calories same amount of exercise just of burn off one cookie. i almost polished off a
10:41 am
whole box yesterday. that's probably a steady week's worth of exercise. here's a look at mt. tam. snow being reported on mount hamilton. i wouldn't be surprised if we could see snow on mount diablo. back with more moment.
10:42 am
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starting at just $29 a month for six months, plus dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. at&t. >> james: 10:45 a.m., continuing with coverage of the storm yoli has been camped out at the embarcadero in san francisco it has been rather chilly. looking at the latest eight shows you might have rain moving in. >> reporter: hopefully all be out of here before that. (laughter) it has been dry but cold all morning long. in the embarcadero area even people who were exercising you see them in
10:45 am
short, but it was too cold even with them exercising. they had had seven minutes and scarfs. i saw a guy with the ski mask on his face. if you're born to be a outside have scarfs, the gloves, had. this wind even those not a harsh winter, it is enough in makes a cold and icy. >> jamesand now you need your ua to. >> james: yes you do. luisa has been keeping a track on this could morning. >> louisa: we have been watching more rain inch its way up the peninsula, heavy stuff in the south bay from san jose down into morgan hill, in places like
10:46 am
campbell, los gatos this morning we are seeing some cells produce and heavy rain. as we wide in el the diablo mountain we have been getting snow all morning below 3,000 ft. level. that rainfall inching its way up the peninsula. the darker green shows a light shower, the south of san francisco down to san mateo as well. moving into the north bay as well. this moisture is in the pacific, this is what we are tapping into, funneling into the south bay, and a lot of cold air from the gulf of alaska. that helps lower the snow levels. snow levels are down to about 2,000 ft.. through the morning we continue to see showers inch their way up the peninsula through the east bay, into the delta as well. we
10:47 am
expect moderate downpour's with this but for the most part scattered showers. here is your current temperatures, cool side this afternoon, upper 30's, 43 in san francisco, by this afternoon low 50s. chance of rain saturday, drying out this weekend. better chance of staying dry on sunday. showers continue next week. >> erica: we wrap up the 10:00 hour with no hot spots or delays. great conditions out there tonight. we are seeing a sprinkle so the rain is coming down, so far so good. accident and incident free for the most part, meter lights cycled off. good conditions at the san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound. great conditions drive time for you 13 minutes across the span.
10:48 am
so someone 01 at of marin county looks great this morning and dry deck as you approach san francisco tracking speeds above 60 mi. an hour. updating you on the conditions in the sierra, you will need chains on interstate 80, how we 50 keep in mind highway 88 is shut down between corkwood and silver lake. >> james: developing news yemen friday of rage has they are calling it left two people dead. dozens more wounded. riot police fired tear gas to break them up. it was the ninth day calling for the ouster of the president there. security forces shot out
10:49 am
teargas income bahrainis. right place but in the area to destroy it an encampment. five people were killed in that attack witnesses said they have seen casualties in today's the clashes as well. in the united states the dow up 38 points, we continue to see positive trading. current numbers for the nasdaq and the s&p, we are positive on all three major industries. it could mean we won't will have a positive week. it would be the third week in a row.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
covering that house there. at a vineyard in that area as well. it's a beautiful scene. a weeping willow covered in snow and ice. this one may be old trees or something. breaking newbahrainiswhy would somebody o live on dog food? she got the story here. >> reporter: just a couple of girls sitting around polishing off of a kind of ice cream, that's not a screen, that's dog food. starting in march these to entrepreneurs, will exist on dog food for month. >> this is chicken and my
10:54 am
favorite. >> reporter: it's called evermore. >> ingredients matter more than ever. >> reporter: chicken with yams and carrots and blueberries. conner licks his bold clean, but would i? >> reporter: feed me may be little smaller. i can swallow it. morgan aide only mcdonald's, the only dog food for month is called ever more the women have no marketing budget so they are trying this. >> were putting our mouth is where money is. >> reporter: they will have a live web cast of their daily meal. you guys are like dog food east. the guy @ who did man versus dog eating
10:55 am
competition, the dog ate one with spaghetti, roast beef, canned dog food, but the man won with carrots, in an unrelated stunned the dog trainer is already eating dog food everyday in definitely. she's doing it to draw attention to a bill called night rose law, nitro died of starvation at a kennel. it would make animal abuse penalties harsh. she has gotten naked eating the cuisine. her recipes are from natural chips and cheese to her crazy canine quesadilla. a dog food eat off. with: anne o'brien. he is already shared it dog biscuit but if he tries dog food conan we suggest adding salt. it
10:56 am
may not leave you howling for more, police your dog will complain about your breath. cnn new york. >> james: that's it for us, we will be back here at 4:00 p.m. for the evening news. tomorrow is saturday and the morning news begins at 7:00 a.m., goodbye.
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